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About Intermet Metals Services, Inc.

Established in 1985, Intermet Metals was originally designed as a stainless steel distributor for the petroleum and automotive industries. We successfully established a tailored metal supply system that led to substantial cost savings and greatly improved raw material control for our customers. A request by U.S. military subcontractors to handle a problematic bronze material led to expanded attention to custom bronze alloy production and highly refined, customer-oriented distribution programs.

The Intermet Metals System

In 1998 the Intermet Metals System was introduced to OEMs in the hydraulic, aerospace, military supply, petroleum and automotive industries. Long years of testing, qualification and approval for each application would become the Intermet standard business model. After achieving hard-won approval for the Interbronze™ product line with OEMs, we turned our attention to becoming a dedicated partner to each subcontractor in the OEM’s system.

We found that we could effectively take on the logistics of production, stocking, packaging and shipping. This was accomplished within a strict cost structure that allowed us to directly compete at mill price levels while outperforming traditional metals service centers on service. This would also allow us to accomplish several major objectives for our customers:

  • Direct participation with OEMs in designing alloys to meet specific performance objectives.
  • Eliminating large purchasing commitments by the subcontractors.
  • Producing the exact size and shape bar to drive down machining costs.
  • Delivering the exact quantity of material required for a particular production run on the exact day it is needed for smooth material flow.
  • Packaging according to customer preference to ease handling at their facility.
  • Assuming responsibility for job-specific labeling to eliminate relabeling by our customers.
  • Commitment to managing production and shipping schedules to guarantee metal on the floor.
  • Always having the ability to quickly expand production and warehousing in response to customer demand.

After weathering international economic contraction in 2008, Intermet was pleased to be well into recovery by mid-2009. We feel this is a tremendous testimonial to the high quality of our customer base and an indication of strong growth ahead.

The Intermet system is offered to OEMs and their subcontractors.

This type of handling and quality assures the OEM that they will benefit through the quality of parts and the reduced cost to produce their parts.

This is offered no matter where in the world your machining operation is located. Intermet is designed to take a problem off your desk.

Please look at our reputation. Please consider the Intermet system to streamline your subcontracted suppliers.

We are committed to your growth and success.