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Our Metals

Intermet Metals offers a variety of non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, in various shapes and sizes.

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About Intermet Metals

  • Custom Metal Pieces – Tailored to Your Needs: Explore a Variety of Sizes and Shapes to Suit Your Requirements.
  • Customer Support Excellence – Dedicated Technical and Metallurgical Guidance to Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction.
  • Worldwide Distribution – Intermet Seamlessly Connects with Customers Across Continents: Serving North America including the USA, Canada, and Mexico, as well as Europe from our Rotterdam, NL hub, catering to the EU, China, India, and Israel.
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Industries Served

Intermet has served the international aircraft, military, automotive, petroleum, bearing, and forging industries for over 30 years with a commitment to providing the highest quality metals with individually tailored delivery systems.

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Propulsion System for Alvin Submersible
Aircraft Hydraulics & Actuators
Marine Hydraulics & Thrusters
Locomotive & Automotive Diesel Engines

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